Astron Polymers is engaged in importing and indenting of various polymer products since past few years. Our company mainly deals in HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP and PVC of various grades manufactured and exported by some of the leading and established polymer companies of the world like Hanwha Chemical, LG Chemical, Lyondell Basell, Qatar Petrochemicals, SCG Chemical, Titan Chemical etc. With a view to increase product basket, company has ventured into business of Engineering Polymers of Samsung SDI Chemical for their Engineering Polymer products for Gujarat Market primarily for ABS, PC, PC Alloys, PPS, PS and SAN. Other Engineering Polymers where we deal is Nylon, POM & PU.

We have now emerged as "One Stop Solution" for our customers, who are in various industries, to procure various polymer products. Our organization is focused and believes in keeping the customers satisfied and also by providing them polymer products at a very competitive price.


We have been an established company with an excellent track record in Polymer Market since many years. Our core strength lies in developing new product and market and also our expertise in advising and giving insight about the trends of polymer industry, which helps to keep customers updated and also in taking the right decision at the right time, which is imperative in this competitive environment.

The company has its registered office, strategically located at a prominent business address in the mega city of Ahmedabad. Office is well-equipped with modern, state-of-the-art infrastructure and well trained employees. The Company also has ample warehouse facility at Ahmedabad and also has elaborate tie-up with reputed CHA and transport operators for safe and timely transportation of goods throughout the country.

Western region of India, where we are currently operating our business, contributes around 50% of polymer consumption, be it Commodity Polymers or Engineering Polymers. This gives our "Company" edge over others in terms of achieving higher business and gives enough opportunity for everyone associated with polymer industry to grow.