It mainly finds application where it requires superior electrical, mechanical and thermal properties in a wide range of conditions over and above more commonly used commodity polymers. It is used in industries like Automotive, Consumer Products & Appliances, Construction, Engineering, IT & Industrial, Electricals, Electronics & Lighting, FMCG, Furniture, Housewares & Kitchenware, Medical & Healthcare, Packaging, Stationery & Writing Instruments, Telecommunication, Textile and Machinery etc.

Engineering polymers is manufactured by "Samsung SDI Chemical" under brand name "INFINO" (PC, PC & PC Alloy, EP etc) and "STAREX" (ABS, ABS Alloy, ASA, EPS, SAN etc) to meet and address varied range of criteria and applications. This products are trial and tested by many customers/processors across the country & globally and got excellent results in terms of product quality. Typical properties designed into these range of polymers includes Heat & Impact Resistance, UV & Chemical Resistance, Flame Retardant etc.

starex® is the styrene product brand of Samsung SDI , representing the company's value that the top experts in the field and it can provide the best experience to its customers. starex® covers the styrene product groups such as ABS, ASA , EPS , SAN , while offering high-functionality choices through various lineups.

Infino® is Samsung SDI Chemical's leading engineering plastics brand, symbolizing the company's commitment to creating new values and pursue diverse possibilities for customers. Infino® series offers a wide range of products including PC with excellent thermal stability and processability, PC Alloy (PC/ABS , PC/ASA , PC/PET , PC/ PMMA), PBT , mPPE and PPS Alloy.